Combustion Monitoring

Acoustic Monitoring International Inc. (AMI), USA

Founded in 1982, AMI manufactures online acoustic steam leak detection systems under the brand ALL. These are installed in high-pressure power boilers, CFBC boilers, recovery boilers, and feedwater heaters in utilities like paper, fertilizer, petrochemical and co-gen plants.

Bonnenberg+Drescher GmbH, Germany

Founded in 1971, Bonnenburg manufactures the acoustic gas temperature measurement system for automatic measurement of flu gas temperatures of up to 1900 deg C without being impacted by radiation. They are installed in boilers and furnaces in power, steel and cement plants, nuclear reactor waste incinerators and oil refineries.

Lenox Instrument Co.

Founded in 1920, Lenox is a global leader in high-temperature camera systems for remote viewing of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, degassers, incinerators, kilns, and other applications in glass, cement, petro-chemical, steel plants. These cameras can withstand temperatures of up to 2345 deg C.